The Laboratory of Motion Generation and Analysis (LMGA)

The Laboratory of Motion Generation and Analysis (LMGA) is directed by Dr Chen. We are interested in innovative motion generation for versatile edge-cutting applications, and conducting fundamental researches on motion analysis. Our research activities include reconfigurable robotic arms, robotic surgery, path planning, haptic devices, hybrid electric vehicles, humanoid robots, and fundamental theories of spatial motion. The research team is consisted of research assistants, post-graduates, visiting scholars and HDR students, and distinct undergraduates. Our goal is to benefit communities by means of engineering advances. If interested, you are welcome to contact Dr Chen for more information.



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Dr Shao Liu
Dr Welsley Au
Mr Keenan Granland
Miss Zijue Chen
Mr Dariusz Skoraczynski
Charles troeung
Hugh Zhou
Mr Tianhao Liu
Ms Haochen Wei
Mr Eugene Kok Chee Kin
Mr Ruijie Zhang

Past Students

Mr S.E. Chuah (2011)

Dr S. Ip (2011)

Dr H. Liu (2012)

Dr S. Abeywardena (2014)

Dr W. Au (2015)

Dr R. Bobade (2017)

Dr S. Liu (2018)

Dr Q. Sun (2019)

Mr Y. Wang (2019)

Dr H.W. Kang (2020)

Dr G. Keung (2020)

Dr A. Xi (2020)

Dr M. Stanley (2021)

Dr X. Wang (2022)


Referred Journals articles

W Au, H Chung and C Chen, Path planning and assemly mode changes of 6-DOF Stewart-Gough-type parallel manipulators,...

Referred Conference Papers

J Chen and C Chen, New Software Package for Power and Efficiency Analysis of Epicyclic Gear Transmissions, to be presented at IFToMM World Congress,...

Conference Abstracts

Research Areas

Concentric Tube Robots (CTR)

Concentric Tube Robots (CTR)

The continuum concentric tube robots (CCTRs) are constantly bending...